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Aviation continues to be one of the most regulated and supervised industries in the world in general and in the USA in particular. After the events of 9/11/2001 the FAA added a series of new rules and regulations aimed at curtailing the number of individuals and organizations which can own and operate commercial aircraft over USA territory.


These new regulations affect foreign owners of N-registered planes who need to be current and comply with every word of the new laws in order to legally operate in and out of the USA. These and other complexities of the aviation business are our specialty and we can help your organization in the following areas, including but not restricted to:



  • Pilot and charter services worldwide.
  • Determination of legal framework of the operation. Part 91 vs. Part 135.
  • Establishment of Trusts to allow foreigners to own and operate N-registered planes in the USA.
  • Creation of Delaware corporations to register the trusts.
  • Establishment of repair stations under Part 145.
  • Supervision of inspections and repairs to obtain airworthiness certificates.
  • Registration of aircraft with the FAA.
  • Online operations and maintenance management services.
  • FAA regulation and update services.
  • Purchase and sales of both jet and reciprocating engine aircrafts.
    - JBPC can help you sell your aircraft at the best possible price, avoiding hefty commissions to brokers.
    - JBPC can help you find the right plane at the right price anywhere in the world.
  • Consulting on avionic’s upgrades and best prices throughout the USA.
  • Aircraft maintenance management.
  • RVSM certification and operation’s manual design and execution.
  • Air ambulance services.
  • Assistance with hangar design and construction supervision.

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