What We Can Do For Your Company

The barriers of entry for fleet  management and Mobile Resource Management (MRM) provider companies are  low, therefore, the last few years have seen a proliferation of mom  & pop shops sprouting all over the world offering cheap services;  using low quality hardware and questionable communication’s protocols at  affordable prices. These companies tend to use non-descriptive, public  maps with little or no control over the updating protocols and  therefore, offer no reliable routing services. We at JBPC can help your  organization navigate through the maze of available brands and assist in  their deployment by: 

  • Selection of hardware and software vendors.
  • Supervision of installation and deployment.
  • Remote software set-up including alarms, both by distance and by time.
  • Integration of maintenance module by connecting to vehicle network bus.
  • Deployment assistance to include cultural changes and increased employee acceptance.
  • Pilot project and scalable deployment.
  • Deliverables’ supervision.


  • Sears, Chicago, IL, USA. 8,800 trucks. Bid.
  • Buenos Aires Waste Management Authority, 6,600 trucks. Specifications.
  • Direct TV. Pennsylvania, USA. 1,100 trucks.


Our founder has been involved in  the implementation of various Fleet Management projects in the western  USA making emphasis on driving safety and efficiency at the time when he  supervised a sales force of five regional sales managers covering  California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada,  Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. 


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